Kettle Cuisine

Facilities Supervisor

  • Location:   Savage, MD
  • Position Type:   Salary Full Time

Job Summary

The Facility Supervisor is responsible for overseeing and maintaining various critical systems within a food manufacturing facility, including the ammonia refrigeration system, fire suppression system, steam boilers, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), air compressors, backup generators, utility equipment, and safety support systems and programs such as PSM and high pressure vessels state regulations. This role requires a strong understanding of these systems, as well as specific knowledge and compliance with food safety regulations.

Role and Responsibilities

Key Responsibilities:

·         Oversee the operation, maintenance, and repair of the facility's ammonia refrigeration system, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations and standards.

·         Conduct scheduled and required OSHA inspections of the ammonia refrigeration system PSM (Process Safety management) to identify potential issues and ensure its optimal performance.

·         Coordinate preventive maintenance activities for the ammonia refrigeration system, including cleaning, lubrication, and calibration of equipment.

·         Respond promptly to any refrigeration system breakdowns or malfunctions, coordinating repairs and minimizing downtime.

·         Manage and maintain the fire suppression system, conducting routine inspections, tests, and maintenance to ensure its readiness in case of emergencies.

·         Coordinate with external vendors and contractors for specialized maintenance and repairs of the fire suppression system.

·         Coordinate with external vendors and contractors for specialized Mandatory inspections of the fire suppression system.

·         Oversee the operation and maintenance of high steam boilers used in food production processes, ensuring compliance with safety protocols and food safety regulations.

·         Monitor and ensure the reliable and continuous operation of the backup generator and dock station for external generators.

·         Monitor steam boiler performance and efficiency, optimizing fuel consumption and minimizing emissions.

·         Coordinate the inspection and maintenance of the HVAC systems, including filters, ducts, and ventilation equipment, to ensure proper air quality and temperature control.

·         Implement energy-saving measures in the HVAC systems to reduce operational costs and environmental impact.

·         Supervise the maintenance and repair of air compressors, ensuring they deliver adequate and clean compressed air for food production processes.

·         Coordinate regular inspections of utility equipment, such as pumps, generators, and electrical systems, to identify and address any potential issues.

·         Develop and implement safety support systems and programs tailored to the food manufacturing environment, promoting a culture of safety among the facility's employees.

·         Conduct safety audits and inspections to identify and address potential hazards or non-compliance with safety regulations.

·         Provide training and guidance to facility staff on safety protocols, emergency response procedures, and proper handling of equipment to ensure a safe work environment.

·         Stay up-to-date with relevant food safety regulations, codes, and industry best practices, incorporating them into the facility's safety programs.

·         Develop and enforce standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the operation and maintenance of equipment and safety systems.

·         Lead a team of technicians and maintenance personnel, providing direction, coaching, and performance evaluations to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of systems.

·         Maintain accurate records and documentation of maintenance activities, safety inspections, and compliance reports to demonstrate adherence to regulations and facilitate audits.

·         Collaborate with the production maintenance department to develop and implement a preventive maintenance program for all critical equipment and systems, ensuring minimal downtime and maximizing production efficiency.

·         Provide technical support and guidance to other departments regarding equipment operation, troubleshooting, and maintenance, fostering effective communication and cooperation across the organization.

·         Assist in the evaluation and selection of new equipment or upgrades, considering reliability, performance, and safety factors, and provide input on installation and integration into existing systems.

·         Provides strong safety leadership and ensures that employee safety is the primary objective of the maintenance team.

·         Reviews and approves timecards for the department.

·         Evaluates the department’s training needs and assist in the training.

·         Provides support in the hiring process for the staff in the maintenance department.

·         Ensures the proper application of the CMMS system to record preventive maintenance and repairs in the production equipment.

·         Creates, schedules, implements, and manages a preventive maintenance program for production machinery and equipment.

·         Evaluates jobs in the process and on completion to ensure products meet safety and work quality expectations.

·         Procures materials, supplies, and repairs parts to maintain inventory as required.


Qualifications and Experience

·         High school diploma or equivalent.

·         Trade school certification or equivalent hands-on training in maintenance is highly desirable.

·         Stationary Engineer license (Grade 3 and below) Preferred.

·         RETA license Preferred.

·         Food manufacturing maintenance and engineering experience preferred.

·         Computer skills – knowledge of implementing CMMS system for work orders, and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access).

·         Operations experience with a strong understanding of various plant functions.

·         Strong drive and initiative to make improvements in a variety of areas with a minimum of supervision. 

·         Strong commitment to personal development and growth.

·         Strong analytical, problem-solving, and decision-making skills - relies on facts and data.

·         Strong interpersonal and communication (both written and verbal) skills.


·         Good planning, prioritizing, organization, and multiple prioritizing skills.


Physical Requirements

·         Must be able to traverse property and facility to diagnose building issues and plan repairs or maintenance.

·         Must be physically able to perform repairs when needed.

·         Prolonged periods sitting at a desk and working on a computer.

·         Must be able to lift 50 pounds at a time.


Required attributes

·         Ability to manage the performance of others.

·         Ability to train employees.

·         Ability to prioritize and follow through to achieve results.

·         High level of personal initiative, self-driven, action, and results oriented.

·         Thrives in a challenging, entrepreneurial atmosphere; open to change and creating change.

·         Strong communication skills, both oral and written.

·         Excellent interpersonal skills, team player, generates enthusiasm, builds effective working relationships at all levels.

·         Self-starter able to conceptualize and drive initiatives forward.

·         Positive attitude and motivation by contributing to the overall success of the team.

·         Able to develop strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders.

·         Creative problem-solving skills.

·         Obsessive attention to detail, well organized, and able to juggle many projects at once.

·         Comfortable moving at a fast pace and in ambiguous environments.

·         Passionate about food.

·         Willing to address difficult situations head on with patience and respect.


As A Leader Within the Kettle Cuisine Team You Are Expected To:

·         Model and support Kettle’s Core Values and safety culture

·         Create a culture of accountability & performance

·         Drive a focus on quality and continuous improvement

·         Plan work, track results and resolve variances



·         Works with little supervision, but work is reviewed. Exercises discretion within areas of responsibility.

·         Recommends actions and alternatives to supervisor and others.

·         Position has little to no contact with customers.

·         Position makes indirect contribution to efforts that generate moderate levels of revenue.

·         Decisions or actions may have a moderate impact on other departments and/or external relationships of the organization. Errors are usually detected after the fact and may result in moderate interruption and delays in work output.



Kettle Cuisine complies with all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state disability laws.  This means we will not discriminate against qualified individuals with a disability in any phase of the employment relationship including application for employment, hiring, promotions and/or advancement opportunities, termination, compensation, training and any other conditions or privileges of employment.


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