Culinary Philosphy

Products That Inspire Delicious Possibilities.

From nourishing soups, broths, and sauces, to delicious sides and entrées — fresh, clean, artisanal food that you'll be proud to serve.

Inside Our Kitchen

Passionate and classically trained, chefs always have and always will helm our kitchens. It is, after all, the very heart of our company, which pulses with every hand-chop, delicate braise, slow simmer, and dash of spice. Kettle Cuisine's chef-driven approach is a tribute to the beliefs we were founded in, and ensures that the food created in our kitchens is always soulful and scratch-made for a fresh and unforgettable taste with uncompromising quality.

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Cuisine Categories

We've got an array of menus designed to keep operators inspired and guests hungry for more, including gluten-free, vegetarian, vegan and dairy-free options across our portfolio.

Our Capabilities

Our roots in artisan cooking — scratch-made stocks, hand chopped herbs, and the highest quality ingredients treated with care — are complemented by industry-leading technology and an endless pursuit of consistently excellent products crafted at-scale. That means we'll always deliver the highest quality, safest food possible — at the pace and quantity you and your customers need.

As tastes evolve, trends change, and consumers focus on knowing more about the origins and ingredients in their food than ever before, we're here to support you and your business with everything from menu ideation, custom product development and merchandising, to vegetarian and gluten-free offerings and supply chain support.

Serving Up Deliciousness Across The U.S.

Making fresh, healthy, delicious food at scale that's always on-trend and in demand.

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