Our Production Facilities

Real Food Made from Scratch at Scale

SQF certification
Designed with food and employee safety top of mind
Industry leading stock making system
Standardized cooking & handling equipment for safe, efficient operation
Knowledgeable, long-standing production staff

State-of-the-Art Custom Kitchens

We make fresh, clean, scratch-made food in the tradition of great cooks everywhere. The difference is we do it in four state-of-the-art, custom kitchens.

Artisan Food - From Coast To Coast

Designed with product quality and team safety as top priorities, our four production facilities are home to our passionate, experienced, and knowledgeable production teams and industry leading cooking and handling equipment. Our processes, facilities, and products undergo rigorous, regular checks for quality and safety, as well as meet and exceed industry standards and certifications – to ensure we’re always delivering the highest quality, safest, most delicious food.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Our Cooking

We’re food lovers making food you love, and we’re on a mission to make real, wholesome, and delicious food. How do we do it? By honoring our people, our process, and our ingredients. We nurture and support our teams, so they can put their skills and passion to work to nurture and support our purveyors, clients, and consumers.

We honor our process by constantly refining and innovating it to ensure we’re delivering the highest quality, consistently delicious, safest food possible – at the pace and scale our customers need.

We honor our ingredients – sourcing only the best from purveyors we trust. By staying true to traditional cooking techniques. By making things from scratch. Some say we’re doing it the hard way. We say it’s the only way. The result is consistently flavorful, wholesome food we’re honored to make and you’ll be proud to serve.

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Let’s make something delicious together.

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