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Our Roots

Our story began with soup, and, if you’ve ever made it, you know how time-consuming and challenging it can be. Preparing and chopping ingredients. Measuring herbs and spices. Hours of boiling bones or vegetables to make stock from scratch. Adding each ingredient at just the right moment. Building flavor slowly, layer by layer.

Kettle Cuisine began in 1986 as a door-to-door campaign to fill a void in the market and change the soup status quo. That meant making and bringing the freshest, highest quality soups to restaurants that had neither the time nor ability to do it themselves. That entrepreneurial, artisan, pioneering, can-do spirit is our DNA—and continues to inspire and guide us today.

In today’s landscape, it’s hard to find food you can trust. Rare to find impeccably sourced ingredients, slow-simmered bone broths, delicately sautéed meats and vegetables, and a commitment to finding that just-right taste.

Kettle Cuisine’s business has been built upon a belief in honest, quality products and an unwavering commitment to the artful process of making real food that our customers can feel proud to serve to consumers. Our kitchens have gotten bigger, our teams have grown, and our product offerings have expanded. What hasn’t changed is the privilege we feel in delivering truly artisan products at scale, providing wholesome, honest food to tables across the country.
Liam McClennon
Chief Executive Officer

A Growing Portfolio of Wholesome, Delicious Food

From those humble, start-up roots, we’ve grown strategically and exponentially to be more than makers of soup. We’re a passionate, innovative food company committed to making fresh, healthy, delicious, artisan quality food for all. Through our portfolio of soups, broths, and sauces to delicious sides and slow-cooked, nourishing entrees, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality, most consistent, and safest food possible at the pace and scale people need.

Today, we’re proud to partner with a diverse mix of clients—retailers and clubs, restaurants, food service, and national brands who share our love for wholesome, nourishing food. From our four state-of-the-art production facilities in Massachusetts, Wisconsin, California, and Washington, our talented teams proudly serve clients across the U.S.

Our Values

We aim to honor four simple values— food, each other, development and innovation. These guiding principles define who we are, who we partner with, and who we aspire to be.

Honor Food

For us, it’s simple—source the best ingredients from trusted purveyors. Stay true to traditional cooking techniques. And strive for perfection in every batch. Some say we’re doing it the hard way. We say it’s the only way. The result is consistently flavorful and wholesome food we’re honored to make and you’ll be proud to serve.

Honor Each Other

We surround ourselves with people who share our passion for delicious food. We nurture and support our teams, so they can put their skills and passion to work to build trusting, respectful, and mutually rewarding relationships with our purveyors, clients, partners, and one another.

Honor Development

We seek out, celebrate, and nurture one another’s individual talents, strengths, and interests—strengthening and growing our relationships and capabilities as a team and company.

Honor Innovation

From pioneering artisan soups and quick chill technology to research and development, we continually strive for creative and sustainable ways to achieve excellence and ensure we’re delivering the highest quality, consistently delicious, safest food possible—at the pace, quantity, and scale our customers need.

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