Pho-Style Chicken Legs with Miso Mushrooms

Frenched chicken legs roasted in a 5-spice pho-inspired sauce, served over miso-marinated shiitake mushrooms.

Total Time: 30 mins Serving Size: 1

Marinated Chicken​​

Whisk first four ingredients and combine with chicken legs to marinate – marinate adds caramelization color and  rich umami flavor without the need for salt or oil!

Pho-Style Miso Mushroom Sauce

  • Savory Choice Miso Concentrate
  • Mushrooms
  • Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Water

Sauté mushrooms in miso concentrate and deglaze with vinegar


Experience a tantalizing twist on classic chicken! Start with Savory Choice Pho Concentrate, Chicken Concentrate and Chinese 5 Spice for the marinade. Whisk these together then add to your succulent chicken legs – this combination adds an intense flavor profile along with caramelization color without requiring added salt or oil. For additional layers of deliciousness, try making up a Miso Mushroom Sauce using Savory Choice Miso concentrate - sauté mushrooms in miso before deglazing it all off with some rice wine vinegar and water!

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Appetizer, Entrée

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