Jamaican Jerk Spiced Half Roasted Chicken with Garlic Marinade

Bonewerks half roasted chicken with garlic and onion marinade is used to come up with a different spin on roasted chicken. Value to operator, reduced ticket time on a half-cut chicken which is fully cooked, with no labor, quick fire, adaptable to many flavor options.

Total Time: 5 mins Serving Size: 1

  • Remove Bonewerks Half Chicken cold from the bag and discard marinade
  • Season with dry Jamaican jerk spice
  • Flash fry



Served with saffron rice, mango relish, and pickled onions. 


Bonewerks Lemon and Garlic Chicken is a delicious way to spice up any meal. Start by cold-grabbing the half chicken from the bag and discarding the marinade. To take it up a notch, season with some dry Jamaican jerk spice and then flash fry it to bring a smoky flavor to the mix. Serve Bonewerks dishes with a side of saffron rice, sweet mango relish, and pickled onions for extra crunch and extraordinary flavors. Bonewerks Lemon and Garlic Chicken will become your favorite go-to dish!

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