Purveyors We Trust

From all-natural turkey sourced from farms in Pennsylvania to handcrafted cheese sourced from farms in Wisconsin, our purveyors meet the highest of standards, providing us the very best ingredients for our naturally delicious soups.



    Scott Sechler grew up in Pennsylvania Dutch country raising chickens, so it's no surprise he bought Bell & Evans who's always raised all natural, organic chicken using humane practices. Bell & Evans chickens are fed a strict vegetarian diet and raised naturally in a low-stress environment. Both PETA and The Humane Society laud their animal welfare standards.

    No growth hormones or antibiotics

    Fed a strict vegetarian diet with no animal by-products

    Tender, flavorful meat ensured by a unique air-chilling process

    Strict tracking and traceability systems in place

    Climate controlled and large open space housing encouraging physical activity and well being

  • MEYER NATURAL ANGUS Helmville, Montana


    Robert Meyer's lifelong dream to raise cattle "the old-fashioned way" has been coming true since 1990. His network of more than 250 ranchers raises all-natural beef using Certified Humane practices. All Meyer cattle are grazed below the carrying capacity of land and are allowed to mature slowly for the best tenderness and marbling.

    Cattle fed a strict vegetarian diet with no hormones or antibiotics

    First US ranch Certified Humane Raised & Handled under the Humane Farm Animal Care Program standards

    Earned the American Culinary Federation seal of approval for exceptional flavor and tenderness

  • Wellshire Farms Swedesboro, New Jersey


    What started out as a two person family partnership has grown into a national corporation still operate as a small office of 22 employees that strive to remain true to the core values that began the company. A moral and social obligation to its farmers, processors, business associates, customers, employees, and their local community.

    Animals are raised humanely on small family farms, range free and stress free. Animals are given indoor and outdoor access, weather permitting.

    The animals eat wild and planted grasses, as well as alfalfa.

    Bacon is uncured and free from steroids or growth hormones and do not contain preservatives, nitrites, nitrates or artificial ingredients.

    Eco-Conscious using a small percentage of acreage for building use and an irrigation system using their own well water.

  • PEDERSON'S FARMS Hamilton, Texas


    Pederson's Natural Farms works only with family farmers dedicated to raising pigs using Certified Humane and environmentally safe practices. Pigs are raised on an exclusively vegetarian diet, have shelter and room to roam and root and to just be pigs!

    No antibiotics, no growth hormones

    No artificial ingredients or preservatives

    Meat is minimally processed to ensure its pure flavor



    Nestled in an Amish community, Plainville Farms raises all-natural turkeys using traditional farming methods refined over six generations. Raised in a low-stress, free-roaming environment, the turkeys are healthy, happy and produce more flavorful meat.

    No antibiotics or hormones

    Turkeys eat a strict vegetarian diet of locally grown feed

    Earned the Earthwise seal of approval for the highest naturally raised industry standard

  • GRIMMWAY FARMS Bakersfield, California


    Founded in 1968 by brothers Rod and Bob Grimm, Grimmway Farms began as a roadside produce stand. True to their roots, they insist on walking carrot fields and visiting their cleaning and cutting facilities each day. Grimmway operates growing fields in four distinct areas to ensure a high quality carrot crop throughout the entire year.

    Chefs' Best Award for Best Taste, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011

    Pacific Gas & Electric's Clean & Green Award for environmentally progressive business practices.

  • TANIMURA & ANTLE Salinas, California


    The Tanimura family emigrated from Japan to California in the 1920s while the Antle family moved west from Oklahoma. The two-family partnership grows lettuces, broccoli and other vegetables and its roots date back to 1930s. Dedicated to sustainability, they initiated an aggressive water conservation plan and reduced water consumption by 19%.

    All vegetables are picked fresh in the field every day

    Handling is kept to a minimum to preserve and maximize flavor

  • CABOT CREAMERY Cabot, Vermont


    A dairy cooperative of 1,200+ multi-generational farmers throughout New York and New England, Cabot Creamery has been making sustainable, award-winning cheese since 1930, and its farmer members receive 100% of profits. A "sustainability-driven enterprise," Cabot proactively educates farmers and works closely with Dairy Management, Inc. to improve sustainability in the dairy industry.

    Best of Class at U.S. Champion Cheese Contest (2011)

    Best of Class at World Champion Cheese Contest (2012)

  • SALEMVILLE Cambria, Wisconsin


    Founded in 1984, Salemville makes award-winning, all natural blue cheeses handcrafted using sustainable Amish techniques. Salemville cows are hand-milked twice daily, and milk is delivered to the factory in traditional 10-gallon cans.

    Handcrafted, farmer-certified, rBGH-free cheese

    First place blue cheese at Wisconsin State Fair (2012, 2010)

    Best American-Made Blue Cheese, World Cheese Champion Contest (2010)

  • ZEREGA Fair Lawn, New Jersey


    A fifth generation pasta maker, Zerega was the first pasta factory in America. Using only top quality durum wheat and golden semolina flour, Zerega specializes in small batches of highly customized pastas.

    All pasta made for Kettle Cuisine contains extra egg white so noodles maintain texture in our soup

    Many of our pastas are made with unenriched flour specifically for Kettle Cuisine

    Pasta is dried in a continuous drying chamber for 10 hours to ensure optimum texture and flavor

  • Petaluma Creamery Petaluma, CA


    The venerable Petaluma Creamery, established in 1913 by a group of dairy farmers, has dutifully anchored the west side of downtown Petaluma for the last century, defining the town’s agricultural roots and serving as the economic engine for the Sonoma-Marin Dairy Belt.



  • Dakota Loveland, Colorado


    Dakota Beef brings the best grass fed beef to the shelves of grocery stores in the United States. We source beef in the United States, Uruguay and Australia, working with producers, farmers and ranchers in these countries to obtain grass-fed, organic and natural beef that tastes the way beef should taste, with no added hormones or antibiotics.

    100% Grass Fed Beef

    No Preservatives

    Gluten Free

Occasionally we partner with more than one purveyor for specific ingredients.