Brian Werch Market Director Midwest

If you were a Kettle Cuisine soup, which one would you be?
Thai Chicken Soup with Curry. It has spice and character but appeals to the masses.
Who or what do you find inspiration from?
My son, Harrison. He's made me a better person, and the sky's the limit for him. My wife and I are working hard to provide him with every opportunity.
What is your favorite kitchen utensil or appliance?
Our olive oil mister and cooking sprayer makes roasting and/or grilling vegetables a breeze.
What ingredient do you most often use in your home cooking?
Olive oil and seasonings can make the meal.
What is your earliest childhood memory that speaks to your love of making or eating food?
Making (and eating) "party mix" with my grandmother every Fall using a recipe she received from her great aunt. We would bake it low and slow. Key ingredients include garlic, butter, Worcestershire, and tabasco. I also have fond memories of my family celebrating life's moments (jobs, graduations, acceptance to college, a big sale, etc.) grilling steaks. When my dad brought home steaks and Heineken, we knew something good had taken place.
What is your all time favorite food indulgence?
I have a few but am currently thinking of a perfectly prepared, medium rare ribeye served with charred Brussel sprouts. I'd enjoy a spicy cabernet with the meal and follow it up with flourless chocolate cake and black coffee.