Team Kettle Cuisine

Born to make delicious food

We are committed to knowing food inside and out - from how it's grown and harvested to how to best bring out its essence. It's why we surround ourselves with people who share our passion for delicious food.

Executive Team
  • Liam McClennon

    Liam McClennon

    Chief Executive Officer

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  • Andrew Hearns

    Andrew Hearns

    Executive Vice President of Food Safety, Quality and R&D

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  • Nora McCarthy

    Nora McCarthy

    Executive Vice President of Human Resources

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  • James Reed

    James Reed

    Chief Financial Officer

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  • Seeratt Dutt

    Seeratt Dutt

    Product Development Chef

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  • Jillian Greene

    Jillian Greene

    Senior Product Development Manager

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  • Olivia Hein

    Olivia Hein

    Research & Development Manager

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  • Matt Monteverde

    Matt Monteverde

    Director of Culinary

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Sales Team
  • Bob Benson

    Bob Benson

    Vice President of Sales - Foodservice

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  • Tony Bianchi

    Tony Bianchi

    Director of Corporate Accounts/Training

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  • Christina Chapski

    Christina Chapski

    National Sales Director

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  • Andy Columbaro

    Andy Columbaro

    Senior National Director of Regional Accounts/Costco

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  • Eric Ferrell

    Eric Ferrell

    Director - National Accounts

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  • Jennifer  Fessler

    Jennifer Fessler

    Market Director New York/Philadelphia

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  • Alan  Fletcher

    Alan Fletcher

    Market Director New England

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  • Diane Irrgang

    Diane Irrgang

    Market Director - Southeast

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  • Mike Kazban

    Mike Kazban

    Vice President of Sales - National Accounts

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  • Debra Lowey

    Debra Lowey

    Vice President of Sales

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  • Jenny Mabon-Spiers

    Jenny Mabon-Spiers

    Director - National Accounts

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  • Jenna Medearis

    Jenna Medearis

    Market Director - South West

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  • Fred Moye

    Fred Moye

    Director of National Sales- West

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  • Patrick Schultz

    Patrick Schultz

    Market Director Midsouth

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  • Mike Seeger

    Mike Seeger

    Vice President of Sales

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  • Shilpa Sharda

    Shilpa Sharda

    National Sales Director

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  • Ed St. Laurent

    Ed St. Laurent

    Director of National Sales

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  • Brian  Werch

    Brian Werch

    Market Director Midwest

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  • John Williams

    John Williams

    National Sales Director

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Leadership Team
  • Clint Klimek

    Clint Klimek

    Operations Manager

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  • Chris Micallef

    Chris Micallef

    Operations Manager

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  • Nick Murphy

    Nick Murphy

    Senior VP of Culinary Quality

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  • Danielle O'Connor

    Danielle O'Connor

    Corporate Controller

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  • Julie Roix

    Julie Roix

    Human Resource Manager

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  • Lee Stafford

    Lee Stafford

    Senior Director of Operations

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  • Jessica Stasinos

    Jessica Stasinos

    Executive Assistant to CEO

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  • Ong Yang

    Ong Yang

    Human Resources Manager

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Yes to good stuff, no to the bad

No MSG, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, no modified food starches, no yeast extracts, no trans fats. Ever.