Honor Food

And delicious will surely follow

Some people say we do things the hard way. For us, it's the only way to create honest food that you can feel proud to serve.

Meet our Purveyors

The growers, artisans and food perfectionists we trust

Get to know the family of purveyors who make our products so naturally delicious.

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The Kettle Cuisine Manifesto

Serving something delicious and true - a recipe for life.
What we've learned and never stop learning about honoring food inspires everything we do.
It's why we surround ourselves with people who share our passion for declious food.
It's why we only use the best, freshest ingredients from purveyors we trust.
And it's why we build flavor the traditional way, layer by delicious layer, adding each ingredient at just the right moment.
Because we believe that honoring food is about something that lasts far beyond the last spoonful. It's a recipe for life.

Hunger Relief

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Feeding Our Community

Everyone deserves great tasting, wholesome food

Our passion for food means we're passionate about making an impact on hunger relief in our community. We make it our business to nourish and nurture people who are hungry and support non-profit organizations who help those in need.

Say Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese!

We source our extra sharp white cheddar cheese from a dairy cooperative of family farmers in New England and New York.
Because it takes a village to make great cheese.