Kettle Cuisine

Maintenance Mechanic - 2nd Shift

  • Location:   Savage, MD
  • Position Type:   Hourly Full Time

The position requires performing preventive maintenance and troubleshooting all production equipment in the plant. The Maintenance Mechanic must check system functionality by running diagnostic tests for both, the electrical and mechanical aspects of the equipment. Also, use power and hand tools to install new systems and replace defective parts.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Responsible for the efficient operation and maintenance of all equipment ensuring product quality, employee safety, and food safety standards, as well as regulatory requirements, are met or exceeded.
  • Areas of responsibilities include but are not limited to Production lines, Prep Areas, Dry and Finish Goods Storage, Chillers, Kitchen Ventilation, Fire and Safety Systems, Buildings and Grounds, CIP, and Bulk Chemicals.
  • Supports adherence to the production schedule developed by the Master Scheduler ensuring the highest levels of customer service and production efficiency by ensuring effective and efficient equipment operation and limited downtime.
  • Efficiently operate equipment in a safe manner in accordance with OEM guidelines.
  • Completes schedule Preventative Maintenance Task as assigned.
  • Maintains equipment records and inspections.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs malfunctioning and non-functioning equipment.
  • Maintains Maintenance Shop, Electrical Room, Parts Room, and Production Floor as it relates to maintenance in a clean and organized manner.
  • Maintains neat and orderly personal appearance.
  • Installs new equipment and move existing equipment.
  • Plans own work by organizing job site, specifying OEM parts, communicating the plan to affected personnel, and staging appropriate tools.
  • Maintains an effective line of communication between maintenance and operations. Provides current and correct information to the operation team on maintenance issues that relate to floor production.
  • Assures that Employee Job Safety Accountabilities are completed. Identifies compliance issues promptly and reports to the appropriate individual.
  • With QA, Safety, and others as appropriate, assists in the execution of action plans related to health/safety to ensure the highest level of compliance.
  • Assists in the completion of GSTD investigations.
  • Performs lubrication rounds in accordance with OEM guidelines.
  • Inspects equipment and systems to identify problems or issues.
  • Consults blueprints or building plans to identify the best solution to resolve systems or equipment issues.
  • Work in a variety of pieces of equipment that may require using of scissor lifts, stepladders, and access to heights in general. Access to heights requires the use of proper training and PPE.
  • Performs other maintenance tasks as assigned.

Required Skills

  • Thorough knowledge of general plumbing, electrical, and HVAC repair.
  • Ability to read blueprints, building plans, and repair manuals.
  • Ability to use hand tools and power tools.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Excellent time management skills.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

Desired Skills

  • Ability to obtain Full-face respirator certification (we will provide a certification program).
  • Proficient in - Microsoft Word and Excel, CMMS, and Control Systems.
  • Able to read electrical and mechanical plans.
  • Ability to obtain forklift/ scissor lift/ and boom lift certification.
  • 2 years of manufacturing experience; Food manufacturing experience preferred or equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Demonstration of minimum proficiency with the English language in order to ensure effective new hire training and on-going communications about safety and quality issues
  • Preferred specialized advanced skills:
    • Sanitary welding (Tig)
    • Vibrational Analysis
    • PLC/Control experience
    • Fabrication experience
    • Equipment Center lining


  • Works with little supervision, but work is reviewed. Exercises discretion within areas of responsibility.
  • Recommends actions and alternatives to supervisor and others.
  • Position has little to no contact with customers.
  • Position makes an indirect contribution to efforts that generate moderate levels of revenue.
  • Decisions or actions may have a moderate impact on other departments and/or external relationships of the organization. Errors are usually detected after the fact and may result in moderate interruption and delays in work output.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Kettle Cuisine complies with all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state disability laws. This means we will not discriminate against qualified individuals with a disability in any phase of the employment relationship including application for employment, hiring, promotions and/or advancement opportunities, termination, compensation, training and any other conditions or privileges of employment.

Core Values

Kettle Cuisine takes the utmost pride in its people, products and reputation. Each employee is expected to understand and live our Core Values every day.

Honor Food – We create and produce the best tasting, safest, all natural recipes that strive for perfection in every batch, from bench to kettle

Honor Each Other – We seek to develop trusting, respectful and mutually rewarding relationships with all our team members and business partners

Honor Development – We recognize and nurture each other’s talents, strengths and interests in order to further strengthen and grow our team

Honor Innovation – We continually strive for creative and sustainable ways to achieve excellence

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