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Inventory Control Specialist

  • Location:   Everett, WA
  • Position Type:   Full Time

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintain and improve overall inventory control of spare and replacement parts for use by maintenance and production departments.
  • Manage processes for parts ordering, tracking, storage and retrieval to improve maintenance efficiency, accountability and accuracy.
  • Develop, track and drive improvement in key storeroom metrics.
  • Ensure high vendor delivery performance and negotiate fair pricing for goods and services.

Job Duties:

  • Performs inventory transactions using the CMMS system to support parts receipts, issues and adjustments.
  • Ensures parts delivery dates are met and expedites orders as required.
  • Ensures all rebuildable spares are tracked and sent off for rebuilds.
  • Performs cycle counts on a regular basis to ensure accuracy of stated on hand inventory values.
  • Analyze and manage inventory stocking levels and ordering rules to minimize material costs while maintaining sufficient stock to minimize equipment down time.
  • Monitors record integrity to ensure accurate vendor, specification and cost information is maintained.
  • Kits together parts for technicians as part of the preparation process for planned work.
  • Generates inventory related reports as required.
  • Manages the Equipment Disposal Order (EDO) process and coordinate elimination of obsolete parts.
  • Receives, stocks, and stores parts received in the storeroom and other storage areas as appropriate.
  • Maintains a safe stock room area with reasonable access to all parts.
  • Develops and implements parts delivery metrics and enforces standards to ensure high vendor delivery performance.
  • Negotiates with suppliers and service providers to obtain competitively priced quotes for needed parts and maintenance services as necessary.
  • Ensures maintenance department metrics and goals are achieved.

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