Kettle Cuisine

2nd Shift QA Administrator

  • Location:   Everett, WA
  • Position Type:   Full Time


Ensures all records pertaining to HACCP, Pre-requisite programs and SSOPs are reviewed for accuracy and any deficiencies are identified.  Supply ordering for Quality related equipment, supplies and services.  Reporting of internal and external Quality and Production related metrics.


  • Pre-shipment - Conducts pre-shipment review of all HACCP and pre-requisite program records, ensuring the Food Safety and Quality of products manufactured at the Everett facility.  Identifies deficiencies and issues corrective action notifications, as needed as well as hold product as necessary.
  • Reporting – Communicates internal metrics to Plant Leadership and Corporate Kettle Leadership.  These include Controllable Incidents, Complaints.  Trend data as necessary.
  • Ordering - Manages all orders through procurement system in support of the QA Department.  Receives orders for payment.
  • Inventory - Maintains vendor and equipment records for future orders and manages QA supply inventory.
  • Document Control – Archives records in line with KC Corporate requirements.  Keeps accurate records and ensures documents are maintained audit-ready.
  • Issue maintenance requests as required.
  • Assists with updates to SOPs, SSOPs and Quality Programs as requested.

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