Kettle Cuisine

1st Shift Experienced Packager - Machine Operator

  • Location:   Green Bay, WI
  • Position Type:   Full Time

Imagine a company full of people who are so passionate about making and delivering delicious food, that it has become their career. That's us; and it could be you! Join us to find your career in food!

Kettle Cuisine - Bonewerks was founded in 1998 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Today, we are known as the industry leader in kettle cooked sauce and exceptional sous vide meat products. Our Kettle Operators produce our sauces in open kettles and these chefs carefully monitor every batch to deliver our very best quality every time.


Fine dining establishments, cruise lines and foodservice operations appreciate the quality and consistency of our products. The healthcare and spa industries embrace our products for being allergen-free, fat-free, trans fat-free, sodium-free, preservative-free and additive-free.

Job Description Summary

The packager position is responsible to perform all tasks conducted by the team in the assembly process and rotate through all or most of them rather than being assigned to a specific task on a permanent basis. Responsible for operating, cleaning and maintaining multiple pieces of machinery equipment. This includes set-up, changeover and troubleshooting. The ideal candidate must have strong experience.

This position runs:  M-F, 7:30am to 4:00pm, Saturday work might be required for overtime purposes. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

·         Responsible for operating, cleaning, and maintaining multiple pieces of manufacturing equipment. This may include material handling to the production line, set-up, changeover, operation and troubleshooting of all retail packaging equipment (Spiral through Final Case palletizing.

·         Ensure finished product conforms to specifications.

·         Removes damaged products or supplies, as needed.

·         Responsible for production, package, and product changeovers.

·         Maintains required product inspection processes.

·         Performs basic troubleshooting and minor repairs to ensure production equipment runs efficiently.

·         Perform preventative maintenance, clear jams as well as set up for new production runs.

·         Operate all manufacturing equipment (including new technologies) efficiently and safely.

·         Maintain clean work area through good housekeeping practices.

·         Perform cleaning, inspection, and lubrication of equipment.

·         Keep daily records of down time and machine operations.

·         Work well with others in a team-oriented atmosphere.

·         Responsible for training other packaging machine operators or cross train other PMOMs.

·         Ability to understand and perform equipment changeovers in a timely manner.

·         Be able to quickly learn and explain the operating principals for assigned equipment.

·         Understand and perform manufacturer related sanitation and assembly tasks on equipment.

·         Be able to perform basic technical functions such as removing belts for cleaning and changing out basic damaged components.

·         Be able to notify and explain to maintenance when the assigned equipment is not running to center line.

·         Assist in the development of a lubrication schedule for the assigned equipment and execute the schedule.

·         Gain a subject matter expert level of understanding of the operational principles of the assigned equipment.

·         Ability to operate pallet jack.

·         Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

·         Follows all Good Manufacturing Practices as stated within the policy.

·         Follows all Safety rules & procedures by working safely and ensuring safety of others.

·         Follows all food safety procedures.

·         Follows all environmental protocols as applicable.

·         Follows all sanitation procedures and work instructions.


·         High school diploma of GED certificate.

·         2 + years’ experience as machine operator in manufacturing facility. Preferably in food.

·         Experience working in temperature-controlled settings.

·         Experience with perishable items proven track record in safe working practices.

·         Bilingual in Spanish is a plus.


Competencies and Abilities:

·         Must have high attention to detail.

·         Must be dependable, trustworthy, able to bring energy to the performance of a task and able to show consideration for and maintain good relations with others.

·         Ability to exhibit a professional and collaborative demeanor toward others; able to work productively with a variety of personalities and individuals.

Performance Expectations:

Confidentiality, quality, accuracy, timeliness, reliability, and thoroughness of work performed; ability to gain the trust and respect of management team at the facility and employees, maintain the integrity of confidential business and product information; ability to communicate effectively and develop good working relationships with employees at all levels of the company, and ability to work with and through others is essential to accomplish goals and objectives of the Company. 

Working Conditions: 

Work is performed largely in a plant environment. Hours of work will generally be during regular business hours equaling 40 hours per week. The work environment involves some exposure to hazards or physical risks which require safety precautions. 

Kettle Cuisine takes the utmost pride in its people, products and reputation. Each employee is expected to understand and live our Core Values every day.

Ø Honor Food – We create and produce the best tasting, safest, all natural recipes that strive for perfection in every batch, from bench to kettle

Ø Honor Each Other – We seek to develop trusting, respectful and mutually rewarding relationships with all our team members and business partners

Ø Honor Development – We recognize and nurture each other’s talents, strengths and interests in order to further strengthen and grow our team

Ø Honor Innovation – We continually strive for creative and sustainable ways to achieve excellence



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