Waffles with Short Rib & Mac and Cheese

A walking biscuit with a waffle twist! Using Biscuit mix, add Bonewerks Short Rib to the mix and press in a waffle iron! Then, add Spoon & Fork Macaroni and Cheese for that Nouveau Southern flair! Finally, drizzle with a Guinness Stout Molasses Demi glaze for a ‘syrup’!



Using a dry biscuit mix, make to directions; add shredded short rib, chopped green onion, and press in a waffle iron. Place 1 waffle on plate, smother in mac n cheese and short rib, then add second waffle as a ‘topper’. Syrup: In a pot, reduce 1 cup Guinness and 1/3 cup molasses over a medium heat; reduce by half. Whisk in beef Demi glace, and then simmer for 5 minutes over low heat. Drizzle over short rib mac n cheese waffles and enjoy!

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Breakfast, Entrée

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