Savory Tomato Bread Pudding

Tomato bisque takes the spotlight in this unexpected transformation, resulting in a savory bread pudding full of luscious flavors. Value to operators is using soups as a foundation to come up with different menu options with little to no additional ingredients and effort.

Total Time: 60 mins Serving Size: 1

  •  Tomato Bisque
  • Ricotta
  • Mozzarella
  • Raw Eggs
  • Torn Sour Dough- Is Incorporated and Baked Off to Form A Savory Version Of Bread Pudding



This version included some grilled vegetables to maintain a vegetarian option.  Can easily be topped with proteins of various types for a different outcome.   


Bread pudding is usually a sweet dish made best with stale, sweet breads and a milk-based custard. However, this time we've taken a unique twist on this classic dish - by making it savory! To make it happen, torn sour dough is incorporated and baked off to form the pudding, with tomato bisque adding body and flavor. And what would a savory bread pudding be without cheese? Ricotta and Mozzarella are added too. For creamy richness, raw eggs are added which cook when baked into the crunchy edges of the dish. A must-try for those persons daring to leave their comfort zone or just looking to try something unique!

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Entrée, Side Dish

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