Seasonal Is The New Local

July 31, 2013

We work with lots of chefs throughout New England who pride themselves on using local ingredients in their dishes. And it’s not just chefs, everywhere you look, people are reaping the benefits of eating and buying local. But in regions like New England where the growing season is shorter, chefs simply can’t always find the ingredients they need locally. More and more, chefs are buying what’s in season in other parts of the country to supplement their local produce and proteins, so patrons can still eat what’s fresh, delicious and sustainable.

If you think eating seasonally doesn’t affect taste, compare the taste of a vine-ripened tomato, still warm from the summer sun, sliced and served simply with olive oil and fresh basil with the mealy, not-so-red hot house tomato that sits uncomfortably atop your salad in winter. Eating seasonally, like eating locally, invites us to understand what grows when. It reminds us to eat what’s flourishing and at its most flavorful.

Tell us about your favorite seasonal ingredients, and we’ll share them here.

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