Customer Profile: Smart Lunches

September 26, 2013

We’re fortunate to have the opportunity to make all natural soups for customers who take pride in the food they share, value our commitment to source only from trusted purveyors, and inspire us with their own passion and purpose.

Smart Lunches is one of the Internet’s fastest-growing providers of healthy meals for children outside the home. They make healthy meals available to students and staffers at schools that don’t have a cafeteria or a formal lunch program. They also manage Smart Snax, healthy snack vending machines for schools, business, and community organizations.

Smart Lunches was born from the frustration – and creativity – of two Boston moms, Susan Frigoletto and Cathy Goldman, who started Smart Lunches as a solution to their own lunch-packing problems – and began serving schools in September 2011. Strong parent and teacher word-of-mouth followed and soon Smart Lunches branched out from just serving schools to daycare centers, day camps and summer programs. This year, Smart Lunches expanded its reach to two new markets: New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.

Take a look at a video from one of Smart Lunches’ Tasting Events. We had the pleasure of participating and serving up our Tomato Feta Soup and Turkey Chili with Beans.

We’re thrilled to have the chance to play a role in helping parents and children enjoy fresh, delicious food that’s mindfully sourced and prepared. For more information on Smart Lunches or Smart Snax vending machines, check out their website.

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