Serve Up Bigger Sales

For over 20 years, we've helped retailers large and small throughout the US achieve sales success and customer satisfaction. We do it by providing high quality products and sound strategies backed by current consumer and industry insights.

Successful Programs

Built on Knowledge

We research market and industry best practices so you can learn from the data and set performance goals. Because much of our research in this category is proprietary, you'll gain a competitive edge.

Insights That Increase Sales

Customized Proprietary Information

We research and study your guests' attitudes and buying habits so you can build a marketing plan that increases trial and maximize sales. We customize proprietary insights that help you:

  • Build profitable soup menus
  • Set price points
  • Make thoughtful pairing decisions

Finding The Mix

That Boosts Business

We assess market and shopper data and insights to help you develop detailed plans that include product mix, price points, store placement, number of facings and much more.

Marketing Support That Motivates Customers

We'll partner with you to develop and measure the success of an array of marketing tactics designed to motivate fresh soup sales, including:

  • Social media campaigns
  • Point-of-sale signage
  • Sampling programs
  • Cross category promotions
  • Packaging
  • And much more.

Pasta even Nonna would love

The pasta in our soups is custom made for us with top quality, unenriched, golden semolina and durum flours and extra egg whites to create an unforgettable lightness and texture.