Mike Seeger Vice President, Club & Mass

If you were a Kettle Cuisine soup, which one would you be?
Chicken Noodle. Reliable and a good friend when you need one.
Who or what do you find inspiration from?
Family & friends and my dog Marshall. He's always chill and loves the simple things.
What is your favorite kitchen utensil or appliance?
Microwave. I'm very impatient when I'm hungry.
What ingredient do you most often use in your home cooking?
What is your earliest childhood memory that speaks to your love of making or eating food?
Fighting with my brothers & sisters over who got the beaters and who got the spoon after my Mom made a cake. I promised myself I'd always make enough to share whatever I made.
What is your all time favorite food indulgence?
Bacon, egg & cheese on a round roll with ketchup (with a side of chips and a soda).