Tom Sausen Senior Vice President Culinary Development - Green Bay

If you were a Kettle Cuisine soup, which one would you be?
Artisan made [to scale!] Old school Clam Chowder [Chowda]
Who or what do you find inspiration from?
Every Chef and Cook aspiring for greatness through their Food
What is your favorite kitchen utensil or appliance?
Wusthof Classic 8" Cooks knife, or Tilt skillet.
What ingredient do you most often use in your home cooking?
The foundation of cooking; Glace and Demi-Glace and Stocks.
What is your earliest childhood memory that speaks to your love of making or eating food?
I can still smell and see my Grandmothers/Mothers rolls on Holidays
What is your all time favorite food indulgence?
Any food prepared well, with exception of Brussel Sprouts!