Maria Marsilio HR Manager

If you were a Kettle Cuisine soup, which one would you be?
All of our soups are wonderful, but if I had to pick a favorite, it would be Cream of Chicken and Wild Rice. I could eat that every day.
What is your favorite kitchen utensil or appliance?
The chef's knife is my favorite. It is beautifully balanced, and it allows me to chop quickly. However, my icing spatula is also a favorite because I am able to put a smooth finish on a cake in no time.
What ingredient do you most often use in your home cooking?
I use a lot of cold pressed olive oil that I get directly from a farm in Paso Robles, CA. It is rich and peppery.
What is your earliest childhood memory that speaks to your love of making or eating food?
The smell of basil in my grandmother's kitchen is one of my earliest memories. However, my mother taught me to cook. She canned her own fruits and tomato sauce and made fresh jam. It was a family affair, and we had a good time doing it. Her peach jam that we made from the fruit on our tree was amazing.
What is your all time favorite food indulgence?
Morning buns are my indulgence. There is lady who owns a local coffee shop, and she makes them in house. They are so buttery that they melt in your mouth.