Jeremy Kacuba Chief Operating Officer

If you were a Kettle Cuisine soup, which one would you be?
Angus Steak Chili with Beans
Who or what do you find inspiration from?
My children. Their unbridled energy is one of life's great blessings.
What is your favorite kitchen utensil or appliance?
The lowly dish rag! I've never actually used a dishwasher before...
What ingredient do you most often use in your home cooking?
Turmeric - doesn't taste great but comes with many health benefits.
What is your earliest childhood memory that speaks to your love of making or eating food?
My parents always grew a large garden on our farm, and I loved when the string beans and cucumbers were ready to pick...
What is your all time favorite food indulgence?
Kona crusted, peppercorn steak (with Turmeric in the rub, of course!)